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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 22, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now president trump is on the second stop in his foreign trip. >> he's out of the country, but there's drama surrounding the white house. the latest former employee making e headlines this midday. flowers left here to remember a young life brutally taken and a college campus on edge. we're looking at rain on the radar. we have more rain in the forecast over the next several days. i'll show you when the sub will finally return coming up. we'll get to those stories in a moment. but first we wan
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on the forecast. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is looking at the op temperatures. >> i have good news. because the sun will be back just in time for the holiday weekend. let's take a look at the radar. we're looking at showers moving through the area. still this is mostly now east of the district, east of 95. so a lot of this has cleared out west of 95 right now. if we zoom in we see the green is mostly light rain. as we get into charles county, that light rain still continues. but that will continue to move out and we'll see more rain chances through the next several days. temperatures are in about the low 60s right now. 63 in the district. here's future weather. we go through the afternoon. the clouds are going to hang around. we could have a couple showers moving through. we continue that all the way through thursday. but going into memorial day weekend,
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again. i'll show you the timing is and what your weekend looks like straight ahead. >> i'm melissa mollet with breaking nouz. the latest on the investigation into russia's alleged interference with the election. former national security adviser michael flynn will invoke his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. he tells the committee he will not comply with the subpoena seeking documents. the associated press says that information is is according to a person with direct knowledge of this matter. the decision comes less than two weeks after the committee issued a subpoena for those documents. >> thank you. a murder investigation continues this morning on the university of maryland campus. a visiting buoy state university student was stabbed to death early saturday morning. now the fbi is joining the investigation into the suspect. news 4's
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sbog this. >> reporter: we're inside this bus shelter where it all happened. we have seen people throughout the morning come by and lay flowers, light candles, take pictures and pause tr a moment of silence as this murder and now stepped up investigation hover over this campus like a big rain cloud. just as you arrive on campus, you see candles lit inside a a bus shelter where a male lost his life. it it's an unsettling sight for byrd who says he's about to start post graduate studies here. >> if i'm walking alone at night, that's kind of scary. >> a rain soaked campus perhaps sets the mood
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smaller graduation ceremonies. >> bittersweet. >> police have beefed up patrols and called in the fed's to use the technology that could connect the dots to a a possible hate-braced crime. the suspect was a member of a facebook group alt-right nation, known to post racially charged messages. >> it shows extreme biassed against women, latinos, members of the jewish state and espec l especially african-americans. >> i think i'm glad the fbi is doing what they need to do. to do the research ask make sure the decisions happen again. >> finding out why he was murdered just days before his own college graduation is key to restoring a a sense of safety. >> you have to watch my back. >> i can imagine how the
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back b students on campus are probably feeling. that's definitely scary. >> now back live where you can see these flowers left there tr the young man who lost his life. we're talking about two campuses shaken up here. we did have a chance to speak with the president of umd's black student union who tells me that students here plan to attend a a candle light vigil at buoy state university tonight at 7:00. that's where army second lieutenant was set to graduate tomorrow. so they can wear that forcommencement tomorrow in honor. that's the latest live from the campus of the university of. maryland. back to you.
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another investigation into ha hate-based crimes on college prk campus. a noose was found hanging in the kitchen of a fraternity house last month. students demonstrated on campus come laining administration didn't do enough. president trump is in the middle of his first foreign trip as president. he's expected to meet with restroom benjamin netanyahu. he's already had a busy morning as he visited several holy sites. jay gray has the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: the second leg of his overseas tour it begins with a formal greeting from tel aviv and a bold proclamation after talks centered on terror. >> what we did over the weekend was they say there's never been anything like it ever before. and it was really a coming
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israel, it's very special for us. >> mr. trump focused on what he called the ultimate deal. trying to broker a peace acord between the israelis and palestinians. something he discussed with the president. >> young israeli and palestinian children deserve to grow up in safety and to follow their dreams free from the violence that has destroyed so many lives. >> reporter: mixing sightseeing with diplomacy, the president ask first lady toured the area with a walk with the crowded old city now locked down by security to the western wall. he became the president president to pay his respects to one of the most sacred sites. he will sit down for a meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu a at the king david hotel where he's staying in what authorities describe as a bullet and bomb-proof suite. he will wrap up his
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trip to beth le hem and meeting with hah bass. while the president is overseas, his administration is under a cloud from the firing of james comey as fbi director. jason chaffetz expects to talk to comey today and talk about the request to testify before the the committee on wednesday. comey has agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee some time after e memorial day. it wasn't a warm welcome for mike pence when he gave the commencement address at notre dame yesterday. dozens of graduates you can see here walked out in protest as he began to speak. the students opposed the trump administration's stance on immigration and lgbt rights. . the vice president did not comment on the walk out.
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today the man accused of doing this, stealing that ambulance and leading police on this chase is expected in court. william stole the emergency vehicle from prince george's hospital center moments after being released from the hospital. we know that person is charged with auto theft and malicious destruction of property. more charges could be coming his way. it has been several days, but repairs on a broken water main are still shutting down a road in northwest washington. we're learning that the weather could be holding up the work even longer. justin finch is live on mcarthur boulevard. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, so far as you can see behind me, no work going ob. that's for good reason. the recent round of rain we have had here and though it's slacked up now,
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so d.c. water is pushing their plans back hoping to have it finish asked reopened by friday. drivers are not the only ones awaiting the grand reopening of a stretch of mcarkansthur boule. the deli owners too. >> e we love the customers. >> reporter: though d.c. water is aiming to get it back open by next week, downpours will set them back one day. so far they have replaced that damaged water main and filled over the hole. now the soaking rain is leading crews unable to continue road work including laying down asphalt. >> it is odd. some place in d.c. that doesn't have a ton of cars at the moment. >> for now, traffic will keep trickling around the work zone on the 4500 block between reservoir and fox hole road. >> it's dangerous to try to get back into t
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sending gallons of water gushing on to the boulevard. since these final touches that we're waiting for right now, d.c. water has been aiming for early this week, but the weather has put plans back. they have been working around the clock trying to make this original deadline, but the onen event they could not count for is water from up there. we're live in northwest, justin finch, news 4, back to you. i'm melissa mollet a at the live desk. police investigating a plane crash. one person was hurt. now this happened sunday at maples field airport. a two-seater plane was trying to land at the airport when it went off the left side of the runway into tall grass and t
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overturned. now the pilot was okay, but his passenger, an 85-year-old man, had to be flown to the hospital. no word on his condition. there's still a lot more to come on news 4 many midday. >> including a warning for parents a as prom and graduation kicks into full gear. how easy it is for teens to get their hands on alcohol. when news 4 midday c
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oh my god! >> experts have a reason why this sea lion grabbed that little girl. the skir ri video is probably going to come up in your news feed today. this happened in canada. the girl wasn't hurt. witnesses say that people were feeding the sea lion bread crumbs before this happened. an expert says the sea lion probably wanted to eat the little girl's dress, not her. coming up at 11:30, you'll hear from the man who recorded the entire frightening scene. >> how quick that was. >> the animal had her underneath the water. they are strong. now the alarming new way kids can get their hands on alcohol ask what police are doing to try to stop this. >> with prom and graduation season underway, underage
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police across the country are report'ing a a surge in teenage drinking party asks now they are even going into schools to scare kids straight. >> how are teens getting alcohol to begin with in the first place? here's jeff rossen with the hidden camera investigation every parent should see. >> reporter: you're watching a mock accident in progress. teens screaming for help after drinking and crashing their car. kids put on stretchers and air lifted out. it looks so real. and it's supposed to. from arizona to florida and wisconsin, police now recreating drunk driving accidents with students to show them what can happen if they drink and drive. >> it's weird that this could happen this saturday. >> think your kids can't get alcohol. think again. a recent study finding 53% of eighth graders say it's fairly easy or very easy to get
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alcohol. same with 71% of tenth graders. and there are serious consequences. over 180,000 underage drinkers sent to the e.r. in one year alone. experts say the rise in liquor store deliveries can make it easy for your kids. the stores say they check i.d. at your door, but do they really? we're about to see. we rebted this home in suburban connecticut and wired the entire front entrance with hidden cameras. we called local stores and we have ordered beer and wine and liquor to be delivered here. when it comes, we're not coming to the door, allie is. how old are you? >> i'm 13. >> so you're in eighth grade. >> yes. >> you're going to take the deliveries. thank you very much. allie is going to be there answering the door. the delivery person is going to think no one else is home because we're going to be hiding back here watching it all on a live feed with allie's mom. what do you think is
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happen? >> she's in middle school. i'm hoping nobody gives her any alcohol. >> let's see what happens. >> first up, this delivery man carrying a giant box of alcohol. >> hi. >> good news. he won't give her the booze without i.d. in fact, a few of themmen don't. >> i'm 13. >> i can't give you this. you're 13 years old. >> ebb couraging, but then a a new delivery man e shows up. >> hi. thank you. >> incredible in just seconds allie gets an entire box of alcohol. >> no questions asked. just hands it right over. you have a whole box of boz here. >> let's see what he gave you. bottom ols and bottles of wine. boz right here. >> but it's this last delivery. >> thank you. >> you have your i.d. >> i don't have one. >>
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>> thank you. have a nice day. >> that's right, he does is ask for i.d. but doesn't care when she doesn't have it. >> it locks like he gave you wine. he gave me pi troen. >> he gave you champagne and tequila. what do you make thof? >> i think it's crazy. if kids my age are receiving alcohol and clearly underaged, who else is drinking this. who is underage drinking? >> we showed our results to mothers against drunk driving. >> this is an absolute wakeup call for parents. those that are serving alcohol should obey the law and absolutely should be doing everything they can to make sure those they are serving are the age of 21. >> at the end of the day, 13-year-old allie easily getting her hands on b seven bottles of booze from wine to champagne and even tequila. >> i'm in shock. she's dpoing to high school nex
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worry about. it's very scary. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. now there were six deliveries and four of them did do the right thing. but the two that didn't were two too many. nbc reached out to the stores that handed over the alcohol to let them know what happened. they said it was an unacceptable and they plan to retrain to check i.d. every single time. we are working as nbc 4 responds to a wheelchair bound maryland man who desperately needs a service he can get knot get. consumer reporter suz eer susan sell tels us the story. >> we're talking about grocery home delivery. it's something many people take for granted, but there are so many people in our area who can't get it. david martin contacted nbc 4en responds after realizing he couldn't order groceries online and have them delivered to his home. so we started digging around and learn he's one of more than one and a half
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d.c., maryland and virginia who depend on the federal government's snap program, which used to be known as food stamps. right now, they aren't allowed to use those funds to purchase groceries online. however, that's about to change. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, we'll reveal how the usda is launching a new pilot program in maryland that could be life changing for so many residents at home. >> susan hogan in our newsroom, thank you. he lost his job over the infamous trump tape. >> former host billy bush isbreaking his silence. what e he says he'd wishe'd done a hnd
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former host billy bush is breaking his silence on the tve tape. he left when now president trump bragged about kissing is and groping women. >> he has done a lot of soul searching over the past serve months. in an interview with the hollywood reporter, he's talking with his young daughter who is heard the tapes made him realize hoe vulgar they were. he wishes he had changed the subject. he's plotting a return to tv, but gave no details on where or when that would happen. there's one woman everyone is talking about this morning for her performance at the billboard music awards. >> she received the icon awards and her
11:25 am
heck of a show. look at her hair. it's crazy. >> blast from the past. she mentioned she turned 71 the day before this. she could still do a five-minute show. >> look at celine dion. the sleeves alone, but she was there to sing "my heart will go on" from titanic that came out 20 years ago. here's a look at the winners. drake dominated. that beats adele for the most wins. and blake shelton won for top country artist. >> the first k pop group won an award for best social emerging talent. >> they are the korean bands. if you didn't know what that was. tz. >> so the rain is back. >> it is back. it's back for many
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it's going to be around a stretch of rain. it's good to know so you can get your mind in the setting of, yes, we're going to have many gloomy days ahead. so we'd rather have the rain during the week than over memorial day weekend. rainy at earn through thursday. so those who don't worry because your weekend is looking good. we have some showers in the weekend forecast, but i think you'll at least get two really good days out of the weekend. so i guess it's better than no good days. here's a a look at the radar. we have clouds around the rain is east of the district currently. annapolis seeing the light rain. that rain should be moving out of annapolis soon. and we'll be left with a a chance for a few showers later on. the more moisture over the next several
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have the umbrella. if you're walking the dog or need one to walk, we have kovu here who is available. but for the rest of today, if you are walking the dog, some scattered showers around noon. but just a chance of a shower by 5:00 p.m. chance of a shower by 7:00 p.m. more rain moves in later in the day tomorrow. currently temperatures are about the low 60s. not too bad. this is future weather. the rain will move out. maybe a few showers around. now we go to your tuesday. morning hours not looking bad. here comes the rain in the afternoon through the evening. overnight into wednesday morning, that rain is going to continue as we go into your thursday. so keep the umbrella around for the next several days. finally by friday, there's a lot more sunshine. we'll look at the rest of your weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. it's only monday. it started as a typical day of sightseeing. >> what happened next stunned everyone. the story behind the snatched scene around the world when
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turkey is slamming the u.s. demanding an investigation over what the country is calling aggressive acts ens its body guards. this is in response to the visit last week.
11:31 am
kicking protesters outside the embassy during president erd wan's visit. it showed him watching the melee. two turkish body guards were set free and returned to turkey. they want an investigation into everyone involved in the brawl. >> right now, jury selection is underway in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. it's taking place 300 mile was from where the trial will that i can place. the lawyers demanded jury selection be moved to allegheny county pennsylvania. once the 12 jurors and 6 alternates are selected, they will be sequestered. cosby is being tried on charges that he drugged and molested a woman at his home in 2004. we showed you that video a few minutes ago of the sea lion attacking the girl. it was a very close call. miguel almaguer talked a about
11:32 am
>> a day popular with tourists begins with laughs. but suddenly turns to panic and fear. a terrifying close call with the massive sea lion. unexpectedly yanked a little girl off the peer in british columbia and pulled her under water. the girl was rescued by a man who jumped in after her. both quickly pulled to safety and appeared unhurt. >> i am a little terrified of that thing now. >> michael captured the attack on his cell phone. >> pretty dangerous. it looks harmless, but you never know. >> the video shows the sea lion eating a piece of bread someone dropped in the water. the man held out his hand as if he were trying to pet the animal. then the sea lion which can weigh u t
11:33 am
out of the water within inches of the little girl. the crowd laughs nervously but no one moves the child away from the edge. seconds later this. the wharf's harbor master says this should be a warning to never feed sea lions. >> not only do you let your family members feed a wild animal, but they want to let the girl sit on the edge of the dock with her back to it with her dress hanging over. >> reporter: the tourists didn't get message getting another square in the act saim spot. >> don't go up to the bear in the forest and hand it a sandwich. don't throw crackers at a sea lion. >> a close call with the powerful creature that could have quickly turned deadly.
11:34 am
touched ground in iraq. i couldn't deal with people. >> stress is the only word that comes to mind. >> people are always searching for inner peace, and a new way to find it. joining us today is bob roth, a meditation teacher to talk about this growing method. thank you so much for taking time to be with us today. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> i want to start off with the name of it. a lot of people know this more commonly as tm. >> meditation just means thinking. there's many times of meditation. most can be difficult to learn. >> i can't do it. >> you have to clear your mind of thoughts. tm is the easiest and simplest and according to research the most effective for just allowing your active noisy mind to settle down effortlessly, even a 10-year-old child can do it. then your body gains a deep state of rest and eliminate
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stress and tension. >> you say it so effortlessly. it's like seamless. you're the ceo of the david lynch foundation. you have a string of really famous clients. oprah, and when you're trying to teach this method, it sounds easy. but where do you start? >> there's a lot of mass meditations that are frustrating. it's the gold standard taught by a certified teacher. we take meditation very professionally done. and you learn it individually. it takes an hour a a day over four days and master it. and then you do it for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon. you can do it in a car, someone else is driving, a plane, here onset if you're backstage. easy to do. i emphasize easy and effortless. >> i
11:36 am
week that goes by that we hear from someone who has changed their life and changed the quality of life. the foundation is actually here in the washington area for a very big reason. tell us why. >> our goal is to bring meditation to 10,000 people in the washington, d.c. area including many inner city school kids. we're working with the arc. and that's a a big community center and we're going to open up a a community center there so people wican learn to meditate. we're doing research because it shows that it reduces high blood pressure and stress and tension. and we're raising funds for that wonderful project thwith a big event on june 5th at the kennedy center with jerry seinfeld and hugh jackman and katie kuric and we're raising money so we can bring this to people who may need it the most. and it's going to be a great event. >> star studded and it's crossing all genera trs acting toed
11:37 am
and when you talk about the youth, i know there was a kids meditation class that opened up. and i talked to schools. we have incorporated this and it has made a tremendous difference. especially when it comes to behavioral promise. >> this is a scientific fact. the fact of the matter is we have enough difficulty with stress as it is. but the little children have no way of processing stress. it scars their brain at an early age. if you can give them a tool, they do it for ten minutes of the school day. there's a great school in d.c. they meditate. >> we focus on the physical development. but the emotional development. >> thank you for stopping
11:38 am
information, they can go to or the kennedy center and buy tickets. it's for a great cause.
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting
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ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. it's like a baseball game on a sunday afternoon. apparently a bird wanted to take in the game too. the bird innovated the reds broadcast booth. this is yesterday. stuck around for two entire innings. can you see him? he's talking trying to interview him. he's not saying much. tom brennaman did that mock interview. the reds did end up losing to colorado 6-4. >> baseball
11:41 am
superstitious. that bird could mean something. >> who knows. >> it was so cute. >> rain all around. >> many days. >> we're talking about the same thing. >> just in time for your memorial day weekend plans. >> we're going to have a dreary day. there's the light rain towards charles county. but really now leaving. as we go through the afternoon, we're going to stay cloudy. still the chance of a couple showers. we have all this moisture streaming in. so for the next four days, we'
11:42 am
going to be dealing with cloudy skies and rain chances. we're not going to see much drying until the end of the week and the start of the weekend, which is just where we want it to be. we don't want rain through memorial weekend. 63 in the district. if you're exercising today around lunchtime, still the chance of a couple light showers. with still ab isolated shower chance overnight. here's 7:00 p.m. on future weather. maybe a couple showers. then we go into tomorrow morning. we'll mostly just be cloudy for the morning drive. through the afternoon, rain moves in and tomorrow evening, more rain and that could be last sbog your wednesday morning commute. then we go through wednesday and thursday and we still keep those rain chances in the forecast before we dry out. so there you see it over the next four days. friday we're looking sunny and 7 degrees. 80 and sunday the rain
11:43 am
return, but temperatures in the low 80s same thing with monday. so i think your weekend looks pretty good considering. at least half of it will be seeing sunny skies. we'll be watching for the showers as we end out the weekend. not too bad. >> thank you. it's that time of year when thousands of college graduates begin the next phase of their lives. getting a job. the key to landing it could be your social media profile. chris clackum explains. >> soobs they fill out a job application, their life story is being skrucrutinize ed online. of who they want to bring in for their interview. >> social media experts say now is the time to tweak and clean up your online image. ask yourself is
11:44 am
of the impression they want to make. >> it's almost impossible to do what's done online. but she says accentuate the positives. >> your education, your work experience, internship, skills, those kinds of things. . >> even post a video of yourself doing what a company does. >> we're more likely to get to grab their attention and move to the next step in the hiring process. >> a process that starts now. chris clackum, nbc news. getting ready to hit the rod for the holiday weekend. what you need to know before you fill up. you're watch introducing inthe fios gigabit connection with download speeds up to 940 megs that are 20x faster and more powerful than most people have. incredibly, it's $79.99 a month for one year. comcast charges you $89.99 for a triple play that only offers 200 mgs speeds. switch to the most powerful internet at the most revolutionary price.
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prices at the pump are down but only slightly. a survey shows regular unleaded fell half a cent to $2.40 a a gallon. however, prices in western and midwest erin states actually rose. they declined in other parts of the country and helped keep prices down overall. for years tesla offered owners to charge their cars for free of the superchargers station. but in january, the company said it would phase that program out. however, tesla says new users can still take advantage if they get drivers to give them a referral code. existing owners can get free charging to up to five
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free charge figure they decide to buy another tesla model. i'm landon dowdy. plus sized fashion is a multibillion dollar industry. more than half of women in the u.s. wear size 12 or larger. but many complain there aren't enough stylish clothing options. an online retailer is working to change that. joining us to talk about the upcoming fashion trends is kelly goldstone. thank you for being with us here today. what are your customers asking for? what's missing from these options? >> sure, so our customers are asking for exactly what all women want in fashion, which is they want the trends. they want to be able to wear what they see on the runways. historically, that's been lacking from their options. that's what we're here to change. >> tell us about the trends for upcoming spring and summer. what about some of the things that's going to be up and coming. >> one
11:49 am
so piping is a great way to take anymore casual look and make it instantly look chic and polished. i think we may have an example that's a rom that's navy and has white piping. instantly takes it up a level. for plus size women specifically, they see something more casual like a rom per and feel less comfortable wearing it. >> what about the large sleeves. does that work? i would think they would be worried about volume. >> sleeve interest a huge trend. in the fall and winter you were seeing a lot of flare sleeves. this had spring and summer you'll see balloon sleeves. >> it's really pretty. >> and you mentioned volume. a lot of full-sized women are concerned about adding volume to the lock. it can be used as a tool. if you're larger on the lower half and more sensitive about that, add volume in the sleeves and it will help balance that out andra
11:50 am
strip stripes are big for the summer and also some prints that you might see in the summer. does that work as well? >> absolutely. we have a lot of fun prints in our spring/summer collection. one i lo to highlight is conversational prints. that's a pattern that's made up of lots of smaller icons or illustrations. so we have anchors, pineapples, things that can have a little whimsy and quirkiness to an outfit. you mention stripes. that's another area that plus size women have been a little anxious about because we have all heard don't wear horson tall stripes. but there are ways you can use that as a tool. so if you are horizontal stripes throughout a skirt, it draws attention to the waist which is less wide than the bottom of the look. >> and what are some other dos and don'ts to have your best look. >> so there are a lot of dos and don'ts
11:51 am
have heard for years. don't wear horizontal stripes. don't show your arms. i would say let's take all those rules and throw them out the window. because it's 201. you can wear whatever you want to wear. there are two things that are important that it fits right and makes you feel great. when you feel great, you show that to the world and everyone notices. >> the fit is interesting. i have heard a lot of women complain that just because i'm plus size doesn't mean i'm really tall. so the fit is an issue. but for many women that's the same. is is it making clothes more tailored to a woman's figure. >> we specialized in more tailored fits. one thing that's new that's great to look for are fits that are customized to your shape. so we have something called the veola fit. it's wider at the bottom than at the top. to so if you're wider on the bottom, boy one of our dress asks you'll have more room
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you would have kept in the back of the closet and something you'll be reaching for every day. >> thank you for joining us. there's a pop up store through july and then the store opens right after that. great advice there. speaking of fashion, look at this lady and her little. we were happy to take part once again there's showing off the cart wheels. this was at the tickled pink, an annual mother daughter tea that benefits make a wish. and doug kammerer once again returned as the master of ceremonies and his beautiful wife holly walked as well. 100% of the proceeds of this tea goes to make a wish mid-atlantic. we also heard from a child who will be benefitting from this. it was very inspirational. and i know you mentioned this, but w
11:53 am
and they loved this event. >> i remember holding for the first event. she was a baby and she's doing cart wheels now. make it stop. we're going to get a final lock at your forecast in just a moment. and today on ellen, former pop star jessica simpson is talking fashion as well. the singer turned fashion month gull shares stories about her brilliaillion dollar business a possible return to music.
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today the class of 2020 will take part in a naval academy tradition. we are talking about the her honordon mobment climb. they will form a human pyre mid-with covered in lard ask replace the white dixie cup at the top. more than 200 pounds of lard is applied to the monument to complicate that task. but every year they prevail. >> they can't leave until they get it done. you can watch them right here about four hours from now. two colleagues are celebrating a essential anniversary. j jim handly and wendy rieger have been on the air together for ten years. they anchor at 5:00. and they have an incredible bond. even though they sit across from each other, they sometimes call each other on
11:57 am
you all think we can't hear you, but we can. you can like the facebook page for more fun with them all week. a big congrats to them. >> they are so much fun. >> they really are. we are half way there. we are five years. >> that's it it. i feel like it's an eternity. let's take a look at the forecast. >> you're going to want the umbrellas for the next four days. e we could still see an isolated shower this afternoon. then we go to wednesday, thursday and still looking at the rain. good news is finally drying up. plenty of sunshine friday starting off the weekend saturday. sunday and monday it looks like the rain comes become in the forecast. but temperatures nice and warm for your memorial day weekend plans. at least we start on the nice dry note. >> thank you. >> we have to get to the weekend. that's going to do it for news 4 midday. we're back this afternoon at 4:00. >> and you can get the news and weather upda a
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> oh, you better believe it. look at her go. 71 and owning that stage. cher had the crowd on their feet last night at the bill board music awards in vegas, performing at an award show for the first time in 15 years. and looking spectacular. >> she is proof that you can turn back time. even blake shelton was dancing


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